Crimson Frost Birch

Red purple foliage on broad upright form. 27 ft. tall, 18 ft. wide. Peeling bark turns white with cinnamon accents.

4 ft. - $29.95

Crimson Frost Birch

Cutleaf Weeping Birch (betula pendula laciniata)

The finest ornamental lawn tree. The attractive white bark and long slender drooping branches with light feathery leaves gives this tree an elegant appearance. Trees are dark barked until about 3 years old. Strong lovely specimen trees.

3-4 ft. - $24.95 / 5-6 ft. $36.95

Cutleaf Frost Birch (betula pendula laciniata)

Dakota Pinnacle-Birch

Asian birch resistant to bronze birch borer, pure white bark with dense green foliage turning golden yellow in Fall. 30’ tall x 8’ wide.

3-4 ft. - $28.95

Japanese White Birch (Betula Platyphylla 'Japonica')

Pure white bark, shiny green leaves with yellow fall colour. Vigorous grower tolerates summer heat better than European or Paper Birch. Limited supply.

5 ft - $36.95 each


Native Birch (Betula Papyrifera)

Plant in groups for a colourful effect, a good patio tree with paper thin, peeling bark. The white bark is distinctive throughout all seasons. Habit is pyramidal and foliage small. May be planted 3 in one hole for clump effect or singly if preferred.

3 ft. - $16.00 / 4 ft. - $24.95 / 6 ft. - $34.95

Purple Rain Birch

A graceful white barked tree with purple coloured leaves.

3 ft. - $28.95 each

Purple Rain Birch

Young's Birch

An excellent accent tree for small areas. Height 16 ft. Very weeping branches. No central leader.

$18.95 each

Young's Birch